12月15日学术报告《Silicon-based multi-junction solar cells》
报告题目:Silicon-based multi-junction solar cells
报 告 人:张晓丹 教授(南开大学)
  Among numerous photovoltaic (PV) technology candidates with various materials and architecture systems to address the issues of providing affordable and clean solar energy, multi-junction solar cells (MJSC) become the first choice owing to their unique advantages, including high photovoltage, reduced carrier thermalization loss, and high efficiency potentials, which also enable their particular applications in household and industrial scales. MJSCs based on the earth-abundant element, silicon, can further open reliable pathways to achieve the goal. We herein report our latest progress in fabricating high-performing MJSCs. After combining with the single-junction sub-cells and optimizing the current-matching, an outstanding initial efficiency of 10.3% (Voc=1.96V), 11.63% (Voc=1.75V), 13.65% (Voc=1.39V), and 14.26% (Voc=1.52V) were respectively achieved for double-junction a-Si:H/a-Si:H, a-Si:H/a-SiGe:H, a-Si:H/μc-Si:H, a-Si:H/SHJ solar cells. Further based on the optimized low-loss tunnel recombination junctions to connect the sub-cells, higher performance triple-junction and quadruple-junction MJSCs with an initial efficiency of 16.07% (Voc=2.19V) and 15.03% (Voc=3.02V) were achieved for a-Si:H/a-SiGe:H/μc-Si:H and a-SiC:H/a-Si:H/a-SiGe:H/μc-Si:H solar cells, respectively. Besides the silicon MJSCs, new-type perovskite/SHJ tandem solar cells are also being developed. Keywords: solar cells, silicon, perovskite, Tandem
  以实现低成本制造高效硅基薄膜太阳电池为目标,研制的玻璃衬底PIN型非晶硅/非晶硅锗/微晶硅三结叠层太阳电池的认证效率达到16.07%,仅低于韩国LG公司同类型电池的世界纪录16.1%。在能源材料类Energy Environ. Sci.、Nano Energy和Appl. Phys. Lett.等期刊上发表SCI论文179篇,其中大类一区的SCI论文52篇。参编专著2部、译著1部。国际和国内学术会议做特邀报告31次。以第一发明人获授权发明专利20项;获天津市技术发明一等奖1项(排名第三),天津市技术发明二等奖2项(分别排名第一、第二),天津青年科技奖、巾帼发明家奖。
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